1) What areas do you currently service? 
We heavily service West Yorkshire and can offer a same day delivery. We also have service capabilities for the whole of the UK. 

2) What’s a re-manufactured pallet? 
A re-manufactured pallet is built with reclaimed timber. They are generally more economical than a new pallet and are good alternative to a new pallet. They help to reduce wood waste, which furthers recycling efforts and is good for the environment. 

3) Do you pick up scrap pallets? 
Yes, provided the pallets are located near an area we service or an area in which we are delivering. We generally can salvage most wood pallets and, depending on size and condition can even pay for pallets. 

4) Our current recycled pallet vendor runs out of pallets at certain times of the year. Do you guarantee availability? 
Yes, provided we have a purchase order or other type of firm commitment, we will guarantee the availability of your pallets. 

5) We buy a speciality size new pallet and our production requirements are such that we give very little lead-time on pallet orders. Will you keep new speciality size pallets in stock for us to guarantee quick deliveries?
Yes, depending on order volume.

6) We currently work with a new pallet supplier and a recycler who provide new pallets and pallet repair services respectively. Can you provide a comprehensive program to manage our pallets?
We can provide new pallets and a repair service. If your customers return pallets or you retrieve your own pallets, we’ll arrange the entire pallet logistics chain to minimize handling costs and defective pallets in your production/shipping processes.

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